I, like millions of other NCIS fans, am preparing for the departure of long-time cast member Cote dePablo, who portrays Ziva David. For the past 8 years, Ziva David has been one of the most empowering female roles in television. A daughter of the Director of Mossad (Israeli Intelligence), she had to show her strength in her very first appearance in the series by choosing to shoot and kill her own brother instead of letting said brother kill Gibbs (the team leader). Throughout the course of the series, we saw Ziva grow and evolve from the generally anti-people assassin to strong, independent woman with a heart. She survived being kidnapped, countless injuries and explosions, and a car crash. Rarely, though, did we ever see her cry. That all changed in one of Cote dePablo’s most powerful performances of the series, when Ziva’s father was killed in a shooting.

Regardless of why Cote dePablo is leaving the show, One thing is certain: her character will go in the history books as one of the most empowering female characters of all time.


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